Sunday, 3 December 2023
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Derin Agbaje, Lotanna Uzoka and Uche Okonkwo

There is something transcendent about them. The tenderness they radiate enhances the flourishing of their men as the fabled goddesses of life and fertility foster the seeds of the vagrant croppers.

Thus every day is harvest time in the homes of Derin Agbaje, Uche Okonkwo and Lotanna Uzoka. The wives of Guaranty Trust Bank, Fidelity Bank and United Bank of Africa head honchos, Segun Agbaje, Nnamdi Okonkwo and Kennedy Uzoka respectively, are instrumental to their men’s success within and outside the business world.

Besides making their homes nests of abundance, peace and succour, they also make their bosoms sanctuaries of abiding love, passion and prayer for their sweethearts. Thus with such ample gifts of matrimonial grace to fall back upon, the banking Czars never have to worry about issues at work and the home-front.

Besides their ravishing beauty, they epitomise the extraordinary strength and selfless love of that rare breed of superwomen every man, king or commoner, aristocrat/bourgeois or proletariat alike would die to have.

These women are rock solid in stature and depth and they live up to full measure as wives of three of Nigeria’s banking industry titans.

While their humility is never in doubt, they effortlessly intimidate peers and rivals by their unequalled poise, substance and élan.

And it is never their fault if they intimidate lesser mortals with their husbands’ wealth thus they drive the best cars, use the most expensive jewelry and adorn their bodies with the most classy clothes, bags and shoes.

Little wonder they are often compared to first ladies of Nigerian states. And while they do not engage in political pet projects in order to be in the news, like first ladies, they attain stardom simply by being true to themselves and living their lives. They are undoubtedly super stars in their own rights and they’ve got substance to match too.

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