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Meet Dr. Theo Osuala

Dr. Theo Osuala was born in Amauzari, a town in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State.  His Elementary education was completed in different schools in Amauzari and other neighboring towns as Dr. Theo and siblings relocated with parents who were schoolteachers at that time.  He had a successful Elementary Education despite completing it in different schools.  His Secondary School Education was more stable at Hussey College, Warri in present Delta State.  At Hussey, it was quite different from his days in and around Amauzari, where he had the opportunity to interact with other students from vast regions of Nigeria.  Hussy College was a Federal Government School that embodied the best students from across the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Post Hussey College, he spent the next seven years of his life at University of Port Harcourt Medical School, River States, and graduated in 1989 with his Medical Degree.  Post Dr. Theo Osuala’s medical school education, he worked in different capacities in Akwa-Ibom State and Lagos State Nigeria before traveling to the United States of America to further his medical training.  Upon arriving to United States of America, he successfully completed his many board examinations necessary to proceed with his residency-training program.  He began his residency-training program at University of Texas, Houston and completed it at University of Maryland, Baltimore.  Post residency and fellowship training, he worked as an Attending Physician at University of Maryland Medical Center.  Dr. Osuala also had the opportunity to teach at University of Maryland Medical School and attained the position of a Clinical Assistant Professor before retiring his role at the university to start his own private practice.  Dr. Theo Osuala has shared in his success by giving back to the less privileged and sick within Amauzari community and different parts of Imo State.

His generous support to his community earned him a unanimous election as the Deputy President General of Amauzari Progress Union, which is the administrative body that governs the town of Amauzari, Imo State.  Dr. Osuala’s goal has been consistent, which is to support working families, create great education, better healthcare system, and creating jobs for youths and less privileged.  His outreach involvements include medical missions to help the poor and sick that cannot afford medical care within Nigeria.  He has also contributed to the renovation of hospitals in Amauzari to foster better healthcare delivery.  Dr. Theo Osuala’s kindhearted gestures towards the less privileged includes providing boreholes for accessibility of clean water and financing the start of small-scale businesses/trade.  It is imperative to note that Dr. Theo Osuala is an independent-minded, humble, with a very calm temperament.  Theo is always easily accessible to people without discriminating based on class or religion.  He is happily married with three children.  His family is impenetrable and in full support of his desire to serve and give back to his people, the People of Amauzari, Okigwe North, Imo State and the Motherland in general.  He is a man with a resounding Christian faith, which is his driving force coupled with his charismatic speaking skills and strong family support.  Dr. Osuala three solid strengths will definitely make him one of the formidable candidates in the Green House in 2019.

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